Food & Fire


Our open wood fire stations include grills, plowman’s discs, cast iron skillets & griddles.

From the very traditional Argentinian ASADO to other different Latin American & European specialties, let us bring the show to you.


While new to the United States, a long-standing tradition in Argentina known for its love of beef and fine wine is an event known simply as “Asado” (grilled meat). An Asado is a family and friend oriented experience focused on slowly grilled meat cooked over an open-wood fire.
While the meat slowly grills, Pampa’s Fox asador starts the dining experience with a wide variety of flavorful appetizers cooked over the hot grill, such as sausages (including Argentine chorizo), provoleta (grilled provolone cheese), ribs and sweetbreads. For the main course, the asador will serve different cuts of beef, chicken and pork. Side dishes include roasted potatoes and a variety of traditional salads you can choose from. Following the Argentine tradition, there is always chimichurri at the table!

Plowman’s Disc

A one of a kind cooking experience. This style of outdoor cooking is a show in itself and it proves that a first-rate meal requires a solid cooking surface, heat, and quality ingredients. Essentially a shallow wok, plow disc cookers serve up everything from buttery sautéed seafood and crispy fried fish to sizzling fajita fixings and piping hot tortillas. Also used for the traditional Spanish and Italian dishes like “Paellas & risotto”

Cast Iron Skillets & Griddles

If we could, we’d shout it from the mountaintops: We love cooking with cast iron. They’re durable, efficient, endlessly useful, and make a pretty photo to boot. This pan is consistently referred to as the workhorse of any kitchen—and it is! We love to use them to prepare side dishes for large events or main dishes like risotto in smaller events. They go on the grill for outdoor cooking or stovetop and oven. We love how they magically sear and fry foods with such easy. We bring them to every event we have the opportunity to.